creating a plan.

Taking action.

This is something I have failed to do for the last 15-20 years.  And, judging by the billions of dollars invested into weight loss books and diets and contraptions every year, I’m not alone.  I can sit here and lie and say that I’ve been trying, but the truth is, I have really just been obsessing about the idea of trying for several years.

Do you ever say to yourself that you’ll be better tomorrow?  Or, that you’ll try harder next week?  Do you ever imagine looking back after hitting your goal and remembering the exact date and time you made that life-changing decision?  These kind of thoughts were like a daily mantra of failure for me.  I decided that if I’m going to make this work, I can’t wait for the ultimate best time.  There is no convenient or opportune time to revolutionize your life.  So, here I am, at a time and on a day of the week, month and year that has no significant meaning or value to me.  And, I’m changing.

If I close my eyes and envision myself “in perfect health”, I imagine a lot of things.  Clear, hydrated skin.  Toned muscles.  No aching joints.  No heartburn.  Awake and alert and full of energy 24/7.  I’d drink a smoothie of assorted fruits every morning followed by a Buddha bowl of colorful veggies for lunch.  My addiction to carbs and artificial sweetener would be a thing of the past.  And, my anxiety would be completely well-controlled by my calming Zen lifestyle and intense yoga every morning before work.  Maybe a 5K run for fun in the evening.

Yes, I know.  Idealistic is an understatement.

For now, I plan to make small changes over time.  I’m starting by restricting my carbohydrate intake as well as dairy.  I don’t plan to cut them out completely, but I do feel that I have a legitimate addiction to carbs and sweets that I desperately want to break.  I do want to cut ‘diet’ drinks out completely.

As for exercise, I intend to start with low impact exercise on account of my current orthopedic issues.  For several months, I’ve been struggling with low back pain as well as right hip and knee pain, presumably from the weight gain.  I purchased a combination elliptical/bike to use until my joint aches are better.  I also want to try my hand at yoga again.  My flexibility and strength have significantly diminished due to lack of physical activity and I want to get them back.

I’m also aiming to get my anxiety under control through more natural means.  In the past, I’ve done therapy as well as several medications to keep my nerves at bay.  When I attempted yoga in the past, I did notice a subtle, but distinguishable improvement in my ability to cope with everyday struggles at work and at home.  I’m experimenting with the idea that I can manage my emotional ebbs and flows through diet, exercise and positive living.

As I progress, I will keep my site updated with progress and, hopefully minimal, setbacks.  Wish me luck as I make the first steps!


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