Welcome to Myrtle&Millie

Welcome to Myrtle&Millie!
I go by both Myrtle and Millie and neither are my given name.  Instead, these are both nicknames I’ve acquired in my life that have two equally important, but vastly different meanings to me.  I like to think that these names represent the total opposites of my personality living harmoniously together.  My adventures as Myrtle&Millie serve as inspirations for many of the posts you will find here.
This is where I intend to share my enthusiasm in learning and experiencing everything there is in life.  My posts are filled with recipes, DIY instructions, and helpful tips and tricks that I’ve put to use and want to share with you.
Feel free to leave comments and messages!


These are a few things I love.  If you have similar tastes, we’ll get along great!

+ chicken wing sauce
+ my iPhone
+ knee-high boots
+ fast motorcycles
+ forrest gump
+ fake eyelashes
+ starbuck’s java chip frappuccino
+ vans warped tour
+ big trucks
+ wine tasting
+ pittsburgh steelers
+ family guy reruns
+ tattoos
+ being irish
+ colorful skinny jeans
+ halloween costumes
+ my dog
+ my herb garden
+ bronzer
+ clay matthews
+ new year’s eve
+ my crock pot
+ chipotle
+ black & white photography
+ hair chalk
+ decorative scarves
+ johnny cash
+ nutella
+ hiking in the adirondacks
+ spoon rings
+ chanel cambon bags
+ new york times’ sunday crossword puzzle
+ the little mermaid
+ pittsburgh penguins
+ grilled cheese sandwiches
+ the zoo
+ trendy manicures
+ demi lovato’s voice
+ white easter lilies
+ playing rugby
+ real tree ap camoflauge
+ chinese food
+ the super bowl
+ pea coats
+ pumpkin pie spice
+ super mario bros.
+ cowboy boots
+ unconventional pizza toppings
+ star wars
+ moroccan argan oil
+ the budweiser clydesdales
+ blackberry mojitos


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