Coffee Grounds Body Scrub



Let’s be super real right now.

As much as I dislike most pop culture things, I applaud the female celebrities who have recently come forward to establish a new way of thinking about fashion and beauty as it pertains to the “real woman”.  The body positivity movement is so encouraging for people like me who struggle with self-confidence.

That being said, it’s hard for me to be “proud” or “empowered” by my physical flaws because if I’m being super honest, I’d change them if I could.  The truth is, I’ve learned to accept the stretch marks and cellulite that ripple my skin.  I’ve accepted that they are going to be there and that people will see them at some point.  I’ve also learned to not care if people see them.  Trust me when I say that it took a long time getting to that point of not caring.  But, I suppose that developing comfort in the skin you’re in is something that comes with age and maturity.

In my 20s, I slathered my body in all sorts of creams and serums and lotions in search of a skin-smoothing wonder drug.  Some offered minimal improvement, but even the most noticeable change was short-lived.  Eventually, I gave up searching for a manufactured miracle.

Currently, this coffee grounds body scrub is my go-to.  I like to use this in the shower with a filter in the tub drain to catch the coffee grounds.  Plus, since I make this with the used grounds from my coffee maker, I’m actually recycling!  The coffee and brown sugar both exfoliate my skin better than any commercial product I’ve used.  The research behind coffee for cellulite is somewhat limited, but it’s thought to be the effect of caffeine on the skin that reduces the appearance of cellulite.

In doing some digging into the world of DIY scrubs, I found that most people use coconut oil as the vehicle for their coffee granules.  But, since I co-habitate with a man who is allergic to any and all things coconutty, I use olive oil instead.  And to be honest, I think it’s just fine as a substitute, but I’m sure you could use any oil you prefer.

I started adding the brown sugar and cinnamon because of some interesting tips I came across on the internet.  Whether or not I’m susceptible to internet hoaxes and false claims remains to seen, but these ingredients supposedly contain tons of antioxidants and the cinnamon may contain some antimicrobial properties to prevent acne breakouts.  I’m no chemist, and I can’t guarantee the validity of these claims, but I can say that so far, this scrub has delivered on its promise to reduce the sight of cellulite while moisturizing my skin.  It’s acne-fighting success rate is going strong at 100% as well.

The biggest downside I’ve found thus far is the leftover mess, but it’s totally manageable.  As I said before, I place a fine mesh filter over my tub drain and I rinse the coffee grounds off after every use.  I will also admit that this is kind of a time sensitive scrub, and by that, I mean that you’ll want to use it within a few hours of needing it.  The cellulite will return at full force within a few hours of application.  But, considering it costs pennies to make, I’m still convinced it’s worth it if you’re planning to show off a little extra skin for a little while.

Now that I’ve created an exfoliating scrub with easy-to-find pantry ingredients, I’m getting super excited to start exchanging all my commercial skin care products for more DIY recipes that are affordable, effective and all natural!





Coffee Grounds Body Scrub

1/2 cup used coffee grounds (I used medium roast)

2 tbsp brown sugar

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

1/4 cup olive oil


Combine all ingredients in a glass bowl or jar.  The amount of oil may vary depending on what kind of oil you choose to use.

To use, apply scrub to skin and gently rub in a circular motion.  Rinse.






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