“Mexican Flag” Enchiladas

Here it is!

The reason I’ve been cooking up enchiladas like crazy for the last week.

One of my favorite things about cooking is the ability to be creative and try new things. For instance, in this case, I knew that I wanted to make a Latin-inspired dish with tons of different flavors. I couldn’t make up my mind about what kind of protein to use, or even what kind of pepper to use. That’s when I decided to do this version that reminds me of the flag of Mexico. The red, white and green colors are beautiful and create tons of visual interest with this dish. Once you take a bite, you realize that there are three different proteins at work in three different sauces, making three completely different meals on one plate!

I also really love using the chicken and cheese enchilada in the middle. Because it’s less spicy than its two counterparts, it provides a little creamy, cheesy relief. It’s almost like a palate cleanser.

I could definitely see using this as the main dish at a summer party later this year, especially since you can make the sauce by roasting the vegetables on the grill instead of inside the stove. You could also grill all the meat for this at the same time as well!

Overall, this was a bit of an time-consuming endeavor in making the enchiladas with homemade sauces, but it was definitely worth it to make this stunning dinner!

“Mexican Flag” Enchiladas

1 Venison Enchilada with Red Chile Sauce

1 Chicken Enchilada with Pepper Jack Mornay Sauce

1 Shrimp Enchilada with Green Chile Sauce

Align the enchiladas on a large plate with the green enchilada on the left, the white enchilada in the middle and the red enchilada on the right.


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